Celebrating Mai & Marvin’s Love Story

Mai and Marvin are a couple full of life, always laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Marvin and Mai met in high school at a group outing set up by mutual friends. Over time, they grew closer and decided to make it official before graduating. 

In the 15 years since then, they have traveled the world together, indulging in their foodie tendencies, and purchased a home in Maryland. Even though they always knew they wanted to spend their lives together, Marvin still surprised Mai and popped the question last August while vacationing in the Virgin Islands.

At Chic Wedding & Events, we had the pleasure of working with Mai and Marvin to create a stunning wedding celebration that was filled with color and elegance.

Their wedding day was a reflection of their fun-loving personalities and the love they share. The burgundy and gold color scheme was present in everything from the flowers to the table settings. 

To honor Mai’s half heritage, Vietnamese, the couple had an outfit change. Mai wore the traditional Vietnamese dress, Ao Dai, while Marvin wore a matching traditional Vietnamese outfit. This outfit change’s significance was paying homage to Mai’s Vietnamese heritage.

The vibrant colors of burgundy and gold were the inspiration for everything in their wedding. In Vietnamese culture, red and gold are considered lucky, which is why these colors are often used in wedding traditions. The Bride’s favorite color, burgundy, was added to the palette, with gold to add elegance and royalty.Mai looked stunning in her Ao Dai, and Marvin looked handsome in his matching outfit. They exchanged vows surrounded by their closest family and friends.

The love between Marvin and Mai was evident throughout their special day, and the joy they shared was contagious. It was a beautiful celebration of their love and a perfect start to their happily ever after.

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