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Let us tell your love story to the world! Show the world your style, creativity and love for each other. 
Let us design a custom wedding for you. 

Love is in the details and we will guide you to the perfect wedding day!

Let us tell your love story to the world! Show the world your style, creativity and love for each other. Let us design a custom wedding for you.

Love is in the details and we will guide you to the perfect wedding day!

Our Chic-Coordinators

Leigh did an amazing job on day of coordination for our wedding, and I would highly recommend you hire her for your wedding! She went above and beyond to make our day seamless and stress free. Leigh was wonderful to work with, and she was always prepared and thinking ahead. She took the time to get to know our vision and executed flawlessly. We had gone back and forth on hiring a day of coordinator, and I can tell you that hiring Leigh was one of the best decisions we made. We decided to hold our reception at a restaurant, used our phone for music, and ordered our flowers from Costco - which further complicated the logistics for our day. Leigh rose to the occasion and handled the additional challenges flawlessly. We loved working with her and our family/friends did too. She took the time to get to know us and was so flexible at every turn. I cannot speak highly enough of Leigh - we are so grateful she helped make our day so spectacular!

Carrie was amazing! She made my job as Maid of Honor easy. Carrie made sure every detail was accounted for and executed seamlessly. She was available for questions at all times and was very approachable and easy to talk to. The wedding day was so much more enjoyable because of Carrie's work. I highly recommend Chic Weddings. You'll be happy you did!

Carrie did a fantastic job as the Day of Wedding Coordinator. I know the bride was looking for someone who would make everything seamless for all of her guests and didn't want the bridal party worrying about details on her big day. Carrie made it sure everything was perfect and put the bride and groom at ease so they could enjoy their big day. She was the last one to leave the venue that evening and everyone left happy. I highly recommend Carrie and Chic Weddings and Events.

After having Leigh plan and flawlessly execute my own wedding, I was happy to recommend her to my brother for his. The wedding was an incredible experience for everyone involved, and even though it was a large wedding it seemed very intimate. I was a part of the wedding party so I worked with Leigh and she did an excellent job of organizing and directing all of us to make my brother's wedding special. Everything went off without a hitch and it was a wedding to remember. Plus, my brother and his wife live in Boston and the wedding was in Virginia, so Leigh helped them do all their planning long distance. It was a great job.

Sandy and team were fantastic to work with throughout the entire planning process and on the day of our wedding. She worked with us to find the exact right design that was within our budget, was so prompt and responsive and on top of things leading up to the day of the wedding, and created the most beautiful bouquets, boutonnières, arrangements and chuppah for us. I felt like the team had captured our personalities in the flowers, and they completely tied together our entire wedding. Definitely recommend!

Words cannot express how my husband and I feel about Chic Weddings & Events. We were specifically looking for a wedding planner who would understand how to plan and execute a bi-cultural wedding. When we first met with Sandy, it was clear that Sandy had full confidence in helping us bring our vision to life. We truly appreciate the amount of love, effort, and warmth Sandy had throughout the entire wedding planning process. From Day One of meeting Sandy to the very end of our wedding journey, Sandy was so sweet, supportive, and professional. Some specifics to highlight include: prepping a detailed outline of our wedding events, managing and coordinating with our vendors, and helping us sort through the logistics of our cultural ceremony (and not to mention, even helping us build the Chinese lanterns!!!). We truly appreciate the genuine care that Sandy had toward honoring both sides of the families in the Chinese Tea Ceremony. One of the moments that we really loved when working with Sandy was a couple weeks before our wedding day, both my husband and I were in high levels of stress when we discovered that both sides of our families were asking for a specific wedding tradition. We could not understand why it was so important to our families (and for bringing it up so last minute!) -- Sandy not only validated and empathized with our feelings; but, she made it happen. The outcome was BEYOND incredible. A personal moment that I will forever treasure from Sandy on our wedding day was right after one of our Chinese Tea Ceremonies. Sandy knew the levels of stress I was under the morning of, and in between the ceremonies -- Sandy not only reassured me that I was doing all the right things, but she also teared up when validating and normalizing all the feels I was experiencing. I absolutely loved the authentic emotional moment we shared. The entire Chic Weddings & Events team was absolutely amazing and a joy to work with. Eric was a mastermind behind the scenes; we truly cannot thank him enough for helping us assemble/bring to life the floral arrangements for our wedding. Leigh was truly a lifesaver during the day of our wedding. Not only did she and Sandy tag-team our entire wedding ceremony, she even helped me with the train of my dress and stayed with me and my parents to ensure a smooth process before the wedding ceremony. Lastly, we love how Sandy helped us even after the wedding by sorting through the remaining wedding logistics. She was so sweet and even gave us a congratulations gift! If you are looking for a team of wedding planners/coordinators/florists who have full confidence in executing your wedding vision, you have found a really great team. My husband and I would HIGHLY recommend them. Chic Weddings & Events, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for all that you have done for us. Our wedding would not be the same (no where even close!) without ya'll!!!

A true pro! We would have definitely been lost without Sandy and her team. From helping us realize our vision to executing two ceremonies in a day (eastern and western wedding ceremonies), Sandy really went to bat for us! I would always remember the time I forgot the ring in the room, Sandy went running back to grab it for us because we were all in line already. Save the day, and probably my marriage! Cheers to Sandy and team!

My goal for bringing on Carrie and Chic Weddings and Events, was to know someone other than me, or my bridesmaids was in charge on the day of our wedding. The last thing I wanted was someone in the wedding party chasing vendors or making sure the music started on queue or confirming that Suzy got her special meal. We both wanted the wedding party to enjoy the day with us, without the logistical stress. And Carrie made it happen. The moment her and met, I knew she would become an integral part of our wedding planning team. She has the attitude, personality, calm demeanor and attention to detail every bride needs when pulling together their big day. And, perhaps most importantly, she got me. She understood right from jump what I wanted, needed, and how she could add the most value. I don’t say this lightly, as I have been planning major events throughout my career and teammates like Carrie are hard to find, but when you find them, your life is better for it. For months in advance of our wedding, as our Day of Coordinator, she worked with us to bounce ideas, provide feedback, offer vendor suggestions, and just be all around support throughout the process. We probably texted back and forth, at the most random hours, more often than I should admit, but also so effectively I knew she had it all under control. And she did. The result was as expected - Carrie was amazing and from our view everything was flawless. We were able to enjoy our wedding, and so was the wedding party! Goal achieved. I wholeheartedly recommend Carrie for anyone planning their wedding. But beware, you will probably walk away really happy and with a new friend. I know we did. ❤️

Sandy and her team did an amazing job with the flowers for our wedding. From the initial phone call with Sandy, we knew we wanted to work with Chic Weddings & Events. Sandy was incredibly professional and knowledgeable, and really helped us to develop a vision for our wedding. Sandy and her team were very communicative, and we were very comfortable going into our wedding day that everything would turn out beautifully. When we arrived at our venue on our wedding day, we were blown away by floral arrangements - everything was even more beautiful than we had anticipated! Sandy herself was there to drop off the bouquet and boutonnieres, which was a lovely touch. We could not recommend Chic Weddings & Events highly enough.

My daughter’s wedding was lovely and Leigh did a lovely job. She lent lawn games to us for the outdoor reception, handled interactions with all vendors, and even transported equipment, beverages, etc. to our home the next day. As Mother of the Bride, I enjoyed the wedding and did not worry about anything.

We hired Leigh and Chic Weddings on the recommendation of of one of our close friends, and it was honestly the best wedding-related decision we made! Leigh was incredibly responsive (even far out from our wedding date), totally on top of things, and so so so easy to work with. And the day of our wedding, all we had to do was enjoy the day, because she made everything run smoothly behind the scenes. She even found us a reserved space at a bar for our afterparty while our reception was going on! We really felt she went above and beyond - wish we could give her more than 5 stars.

We didn't have a large wedding budget, so a day-of-coordinator wasn't originally in the cards for us. I can honestly say it was the best decision that we made throughout this whole planning process. Carrie was instrumental for MONTHS leading up to the wedding -- researching very important details like how do we actually get registered with the state, how do we get an alcohol license, what does the timeline look like, where do we get ready, etc. She took care of all the little details that I hadn't even thought of, and made the entire process completely stress-free. We felt like we had nothing to worry about, because she had it covered. Thank you so much, Carrie! You've been a wonderful friend throughout this whole process.

I attended and participated in the wedding of my sister, which was coordinated by Chic Weddings & Events and was impressed with their approach and diligence in executing a seamless event. As a bride's maid, I felt like the team had not only the Bride and Groom in mind throughout the event, but also the wedding party and family of the couple. They ensured we were comfortable, hydrated and kept in the loop on timeline, expectations and any last minute changes. I was 38 weeks pregnant at the celebration and the team went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable as well as communicated with vendors (photographers, DJ, caterer, Pastor, etc.) the limitations and restrictions based on my condition, something I truly appreciated. Their attention to detail and adhering to timeline was also impressive. I highly recommend the Chic Weddings & Events team to any bride looking for a personalized experience.

My wife and I just celebrated our two year wedding anniversary. We spent some time reliving our wedding day through picture and video and shared stories of our individual experiences. One thing that we both agree on is how we could not have done it without Leigh from Chic Weddings! She was organized and resourceful and truly made our day special. Even if you are a couple like us who is doing most of the planning yourselves, having a coordinator for at least the day of will be the best money you’ll spend and worth every penny. Thank you Leigh and Chic Weddings!

I wholeheartedly recommend Chic Weddings & Events. Sandy was absolutely delightful to work on my daughter's wedding, from the planning process through the ceremony. Her attention to detail, responsiveness, vendor recommendations, and follow-through were exemplary. She has a calming demeanor, putting you totally at ease that everything is going to work out perfectly. Her energy and can-do spirit are infectious. Very professional.

Hiring Leigh was hands down the best decision we made in our wedding planning process. She is extremely organized and attentive to the tiniest details. She was always 10 steps ahead of me and thinking about little things that I had forgotten. Leigh was absolutely incredible to work with! She took care of everything leading up to our big day and I did NOT have to worry about a single thing on the day of. We were very impressed with Chic Weddings and their team! We had a large wedding party and they were on top of all of the details on the day of and made sure everyone knew where they needed to be! Even during the wedding reception they were always on top of things and checking in to make sure we were okay (and that we ate our dinner before the party started)! I would highly recommend them for any occasion but especially your daughter's wedding. You won't be disappointed-money well spent!

My wife and I contacted Sandy with really no direction of what we had in mind for flowers for our wedding day. What we did know is at our venue (The Torpedo Factory Art Center) there was staircase we needed covered/masked to elevate the ceremony and the venue itself - little did we know it would become the backdrop for every family holiday photo or every group photo! Sandy and her team created an absolutely stunning wall of flowers and greenery and was simply beautiful and classy. Our bouquets, table arrangements and additional decor/flower accents were absolutely above and beyond anything we expected. In addition to the work Sandy and her team did, she was always quick to respond, provide the guidance we needed, and was just a pleasure to work with. Having been in the field/industry for her career, she conveniently knew the venue, our photographer and DJ making for an absolutely all-star team on the day of our wedding! Highly recommend Chic Weddings and Events to anyone!

Sandy and her team were absolutely incredible. My wife and I got married at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA and wanted to incorporate, and not cover up, the spiral staircase that was the backdrop for the wedding ceremony. Sandy put together a stunning and tasteful wall of greenery and flowers that perfectly covered up the staircase panels and made for amazing photo backgrounds and a great element for dancing! As my wife and I had no experience in flowers/decor, Sandy was an absolute pleasure to work with and a true industry professional. She was able to incorporate our ideas into both the staircase piece, table arrangements, and our bouquets, and we could not have been happier with the results! We felt instantly better about the seemingly daunting task of table centerpieces, floral arrangements, and bouquets just after our first meeting. We cannot recommend Chic Weddings & Events enough!

Hiring Leigh and Sandy was one of the best decisions we made. Their vendor recommendations were spot on. More importantly, they stepped in to help us through a difficult situation with our venue and executed our day to perfection. Because of Leigh and Sandy, we were able to relax and enjoy our day while they made sure all the details were taken care of. Our family and friends loved them! Our wedding would not have been the same without them. Hire them! You will not be disappointed!

Leigh and Chic Weddings were amazing!!! Leigh was super on top of everything and made all our ideas come to fruition. Many people have commented that I was one of the mellowest brides they have ever seen. I credit all of that to Leigh, as I knew I was in good hands and could relax. Hiring Leigh was the best decision we made in this wedding. I cannot say enough good things about her.

Leigh and Chic Weddings were amazing!!! Leigh was super on top of everything and made all our ideas come to fruition. Many people have commented that I was one of the mellowest brides they have ever seen. I credit all of that to Leigh, as I knew I was in good hands and could relax. Hiring Leigh was the best decision we made in this wedding. I cannot say enough good things about her.

Sandy, we can't thank you enough! For years, I thought I could maneuver through the logistics of planning a "simple" wedding on my own for 160, but I was wrong. Hiring Sandy a few months before our big day was the best decision we made. From day one, she took the time to listen as I had panic attacks and each time she would calmly talk me off a ledge and tell me everything would be fine. She absolutely meant it from the heart and showed concern for me as more than just a client. I cannot express in words how comforting it was to truly feel and know that someone else cared so deeply and wanted the best for us in so many ways. She ultimately became a part-time life coach for this indecisive and overwhelmed bride and spared the groom's sanity as a result. Throughout the entire planning process, she was always available to listen, provide recommendations, dealt with all vendors and even ran errands for us to make my life easier. We were still changing things at the last minute (I'm talking day before and morning of) and Sandy was a PRO in accomodating us! We wanted a Western style wedding with elements of Korean/Chinese and Sandy helped us settle on the final look/feel/timeline of our wedding. At both the ceremony and reception, she was able to work with us in using minimal decor, but managed to make the spaces look breathtaking!! Our guests who were used to traditional Chinese receptions were blown away at how well executed and beautiful the ceremony and reception was! One guest even called my father the next day and asked how he pulled off such a beautiful event, ha! 😉 My father had no idea how this all got planned, but he was elated that his friends/family thoroughly enjoyed the wedding after worrying over the non-traditional aspect. Sandy, you won over my biggest critic! 🙂 To see Sandy and her team (John and Michelle) work their magic like a well-oiled machine and not break a sweat on the actual day was incredible. I'm still in awe. Our wedding was more than we could've imagined and reflected who we were as a couple. Thank you for making sure that that we stayed true to ourselves. Most importantly, thank you for helping us start the next chapter of our lives together after 15 years...FINALLY!

We worked with Leigh and couldn't have imagined things coming together the way they did without her! While we got the "day of" package from Chic Weddings & Events, Leigh was by our side several months out, helping us keep tabs on contracts and vendors, recommending makeup artists and videographers (both were excellent), and keeping us on track with the timeline and, perhaps more importantly, calm and relaxed. On the big day, everything went just as planned. Leigh ensured things and people were in place and on time and that all the details were just as we had imagined. She even provided an extra set of hands to help seamlessly remove my veil after the ceremony. We'd recommend Leigh and Chic Weddings & Events hands down to anyone planning a wedding!

Leigh was fabulous! From the first time we met her to interview her for my daughter's wedding we knew she was 'the one' . I never worried about any of the details . She was there for us all the time and responded so quickly. Her coordination with our vendors was seamless. She truly made our event a success. Friends and family are still talking about the wedding and what a great time it was. Thanks Leigh and thank you Chic Weddings and Events. I will highly recommend them to all my friends and family.

Thanks to Leigh Frigm, at Chic Weddings & Events , we had a beautiful, magical wedding. As the mother of the bride, I cannot say enough good things about her. She provided Day of Wedding Coordination beginning 3 months prior to the wedding and was a tremendous resource for us. Her communication skills are excellent, both in person and via email. She is knowledgable, experienced, supportive, and extremely pleasant to work with. Her advice, help, and coordination moved everything along in a timely fashion and her willingness to handle so many details of the wedding weekend, allowed me to actually relax and enjoy my daughter's wedding day. Leigh worked quietly behind the scenes at the wedding so that everything went as planned, and the wedding actually turned out even better than I had imagined. Initially I had not been sure we needed a wedding planner but Leigh was absolutely invaluable. I give her my highest recommendation!

I'm so glad we decided to work with Sandy at Chic Weddings & Events! She went far above and beyond her role as our day-of-coordinator, providing great advice along the way and making sure we were doing everything we needed to. Having her a text or call away kept our stress level low as we knew we were in good hands. On the day of the wedding, Sandy and Michelle did an awesome job taking care of everything - I really didn't worry about a thing. The whole day went so smoothly and was a blast, and we couldn't have done it without them! I would definitely recommend Sandy and her team for any wedding!

Where do I even start? First and foremost, I should mention that I am definitely a type A person who likes to be organized and in control, so to hand that over to someone was definitely something I did not take lightly. I had the most complex collection of google docs to hand over to whoever assume the role of coordinator. Leigh Frigm was an absolute angel! She provided "day-of-coordination" which was so much more than that. Three months out she started to work on the day of timeline and was able to take our vision and make it come to life the day of my wedding. She was so patient with my indecisive moments and concerns over silly details. She helped me with absolutely anything she was able to. She was so responsive and available all throughout my wedding planning process, and if she went on vacation she made sure to let me know about it and connect me to Sandy to help field questions and keep track of things while she was away. I can honestly say that absolutely nothing went wrong (or at least if it did, I had no clue). Leigh was like family that day; she cares so much about her weddings and couples. Her passion for what she does is very apparent. She made my bed and helped clean my room the day of the wedding so we could take pictures of it :D. Hilarious and amazing! She is very professional, but at the same time so genuine and caring. The attention to detail she has is incredible and she has so many great ideas. Her experience shows with how seamlessly we transitioned throughout the day and how organized her timeline is (even if we didn't exactly follow it). I can't describe how well she blended into the evening. She was always easy to locate, but not at all visible to my guests as a "planner." I wasn't worried about anything other than tripping on my dress during my first dance. Leigh was like my second maid of honor and I felt so comfortable handing everything over to her.

My husband and I will never be able to say enough about Leigh Frigm. My wedding felt magical and perfect, and so much of that was due to Leigh’s calm presence and her competence. She went so far above and beyond my expectations, and she did everything in her power to make sure my wedding day was a dream come true. Not only was she incredibly helpful and organized, she truly loves what she does and I felt like she cared about me and my fiancé (now husband)! We encountered snafus with the flowers, issues with some vendor contracts, and several unexpected challenges, and she was always ready with a solution, even if it meant hours of extra work. (All problems were ones she inherited, then stepped in to solve). She thought of everything, she remembered every detail, and on my wedding day she seemed to always be next to me exactly when I needed her. My fiancé and I had several special touches that were important to us, and Leigh made sure nothing was forgotten and that my vision was realized. Wedding planning is so stressful! Every time I spoke with Leigh that stress evaporated. Leigh is not just amazing at her job, she is a wonderful person who cares deeply about each bride she works with, and I am so grateful she was there to help myself and my husband through one of the most momentous days of our life.

Imagine it is three months before your wedding and the holidays are right around the corner. And you've been diligent at keeping up with your wedding budget. Unexpectedly, you find out that you need to have a day of wedding coordinator. What a wreck...but that's not how the story ended!!! Fortunately, my husband and I found Chic!!! From our first conversation with Leigh, we knew that they were going to help us create the wedding we wanted through her questions of our own personal stories, how we met, and our shared values and philosophies. What we received was sanity, calmness and tremendous support through the roller coaster ride leading up to and including our wedding day. We were assured time and again, that the wedding was going to work out with Chic by our side. Thank you Leigh and Sandy!!!!

My wife and I found chic weddings after an extensive review of wedding coordinators about three months prior to our wedding. We initially did not have a wedding coordinator but we had to scramble when our venue coordinator left the venue company. We wound up working very closely with Leigh, who spent a good amount of time in our initial session hearing her story and again in another session in person helping to understand what my wife and I already started working on. From that point forward we had everything in control. And this became quite true or the day of our wedding. Her and the company founder, Sandy, or superb in how they helped to execute an amazing wedding that my wife and I had dreamed about. We profoundly appreciate the amount of professionalism and pride that they put towards their work with us. We wholeheartedly recommend their services if you want to execute a wedding that you deserve.

We chose Sandy as our day of coordinator and cannot rave enough about her. She really was a pleasure to work with- super attentive and professional. The whole planning process was extremely overwhelming but from the moment we hired Sandy, she made it all so much smoother and made us feel at ease. From vendor recommendations, to coordinating lunch, to physically running out to stores last minute to pick up a guest book(which we completely forgot), - Sandy went above and beyond the call of duty. I truly don't know what we would have done without her!!

Leigh was so helpful and incredibly fun to work with during the planning of my NYE wedding! I'd strongly recommend her!

Leigh is an enormous reason that I not only enjoyed my wedding - but enjoyed the planning process as well - something I had been dreading! People commented on how relaxed I seemed and it's all due to her. I interviewed 4 planners and the minute I talked to Leigh on the phone I knew I wanted to work with her. She is knowledgeable, patient, sweet, calming and inspires confidence. She genuinely wanted me to enjoy my wedding, and intuitively understood what I wanted even when I poorly articulated it. She has excellent taste and the space looked exactly the way I wanted it to -- even though all I had time to do was send over a few pictures, say "elegant and cozy winter wedding", and offer a shoestring flower budget. (I never even had to talk to a florist - she handled all of it!) Like many in DC, I work long hours and was worried I couldn't afford the type of support I wanted -- Leigh worked with me on budget and the whole time made me feel like a five star client. During the wedding she handled a couple of unexpected situations with grace (unexpected guests!) to the point that I was happy they happened. I had three different friends/family members approach me about how great she was - and she really is. I just wish I could have hung out with her at the wedding! Leigh: Thank you around the moon and back.

Leigh was an absolute heaven send on my wedding day/days leading up to my wedding. She went above and beyond to make sure a week out I didn't have to worry about anything and when something did go haywire she was there to smooth it over. Her and Sandy were so attentive and helpful on the wedding day, even my sweet groom was impressed. Long story short, Chic Weddings & Events is well worth the money spent.

We worked with Leigh as our day of coordinator for our wedding. The thing we liked about Chic Weddings & Events is that they start working three months out. Other companies I researched only started a month out. Leigh was personable and professional. We loved working with her and she made our wedding day flow seamlessly. We did not have to worry about anything, other than having fun. If we ever have a need coordinator again, we'll be contacting Leigh at Chic Wedding & Events.

I am so grateful I met Leigh from Chic Weddings and Events at a wedding expo! From the first phone call, and meeting, all the way to the wedding day (and beyond!) she has been absolutely amazing to work with. If you had asked us when we started planning our wedding we never thought we would have needed a day of coordinator had our venue not required it - but I have to say I am incredibly glad they did, and I would recommend Leigh and Chic Weddings to any one I know! You don't realize how much help this will be but truly you want Leigh on your side on your wedding day!!! Her attention to detail and level of organization was better than we could have imagined. As a side note, Leigh helped me make a big decision regarding my wedding dress and without her I am certain I wouldn't have been as happy with my choice. I honestly could not imagine going through this process without her. Also, affordable for the services you receive, high value - it is not just the "day of" that they coordinate, well worth every penny! 

I could not speak more highly of Sandy and her team! They were professional, experienced and extremely knowledgable of the entire planning process and wedding industry. They went above & beyond their scope of work and saved me lots of time and money throughout the process. I honestly don't know how I couldn't have gotten through my wedding without them! Thank you, Sandy!!!

We had a great day and we were actually able to enjoy the day thanks to Sandy at Chic weddings. So much planning before the big day, I was amazed at the coordination and work needed the day of the wedding and Sandy had it all covered for us. She followed up with all of our vendors, helped our guests at the hotel and somehow managed to gather all of our things from the house, venue, hotel, and limo and get everything back to us the next day. She took care of little details and big, made sure the set up was perfect and her rates are very reasonable. Having Sandy there was one of the best decisions of the wedding.

We hired Sandy as a wedding coordinator to assist us with our interfaith wedding. Let me just say that the preparations were daunting- our wedding day would begin at 6:00 AM and feature two separate ceremonies and a reception. From day one, Sandy was dedicated and made sure to get to know us well in advance to be ready to make decisions on our behalf on our big day! Chic Weddings & Events is the only wedding coordinator that offered to meet with us 3 months from our wedding day without an added cost. The only one from all the other vendors I had contacted. Sandy scheduled in-person and phone meetings with both my now-husband and I to ensure we were on track with our seemingly never-ending to-do list. We felt she was there to support us through it all. Also, the day-of, she willingly took on additional responsibilities (i.e., placed bows at the church because the assigned person was not present to do it - I'll never forget that). At one point, she was even doing my hair because the hair stylist did not have the bandwidth to do everyone's hair on time. It was apparent that Chic Weddings & Event kept everyone in line. Some of our guests commented on how it was apparent that she was in control. In retrospect, we realize how we would have never been able to do it and truly live our monumental day without Sandy's team. They were instrumental to the success of our wedding! We highly recommend her!!

Sandy was great and helped us pull EVERYTHING together during the last few months of our wedding planning. She was so patient and helpful during the whole process. I would recommend her to everyone getting married in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area.

Leigh is the absolute best! Thoughtful and detail oriented, she made our dream a reality! Mostly, she took all the stress of the day away! I'm not sure I could have done it without her, and I couldn't recommend anyone higher! You won't regret hiring this dream team for whatever you need.

AMAZING! Olivia came on board as our wedding coordinator a few months before our wedding and it was truly the best decision we made. In fact, if I could do it over again I would have hired her when I first started planning the wedding. Olivia was so organized and on top of everything. She was always available to chat if I had any questions or concerns. The day of, Olivia and Ella made sure everything ran smoothly and that everyone was where they needed to be on time. They helped set up the reception, which looked amazing, coordinated with vendors, even ran out during the reception to grab eye lash glue, and had everything cleaned up and in my suite at the end of the night. I did not have to worry about anything! I had multiple people come up and tell me how much they loved our planners. They really were the best!

I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Olivia Moore twice, now. She is incredibly great at what she does as an event coordinator. She stays calm under pressure, anticipates your needs and is an excellent communicator. As a business owner, myself, I recognize the qualities to look for in another vendor. Weddings are a big deal--as big as they get-- and I get asked all the time who I would recommend for certain services. If I can't think of someone in the first three seconds, they haven't earned my referral! Olivia certainly has earned that privilege and I am at ease knowing my clients are in good hands. Looking forward to our next endeavor, together!

Leigh & Sandy were awesome!! Before working with them, we interviewed multiple other planners. What made Chic Weddings & Events stand out was their positive can-do attitude! They really do work hard to meet your expectations. They are quite experienced, very detail-oriented, great communicators, and very adaptable. They anticipate problems before they arise and can troubleshoot just about anything on the day of the wedding. All of our guests loved them and even told us how good of a job they did!

I don't think I will put into words exactly how helpful Leigh was to my wedding, it just wouldn't do it justice, but I will try! How are weddings even planned without you Leigh? She is AMAZING, I had to put my wedding together in a short amount of time, and if she hadn't been my wedding planner, I don't know if I would have pulled it off. Her attention to detail, and constant friendly reminders kept me right on track. I cannot leave out Sandy who I am quite certain could rule the world with her "can - do" attitude. Leigh also was able to cushion any curve balls thrown my way while planning for the wedding and on the day of. Her attitude and presence kept me calm and collected as the wedding day started out with a somber mood, due to a death in the family. For anyone thinking they do not need a planner for your big day, please reconsider and while you are doing that, give Leigh and Sandy a call at Chic Weddings & Events, these women are the sweetest and most dependent people to have on your side as you prepare for one of the most important days of your life!

When my sister-in-law's family told us to hire a wedding planner, we scoffed. Surely we, mature adults, could plan a wedding ourselves! But by only 8 months away we were panicking, and so we contracted Leigh, who had been referred to us by those self-same prophetic family members. Hiring Leigh was the best decision we could have made. As soon as she came on board she was helping us interface with vendors and negotiating family tensions. The hotel we worked with was particularly inept, but Leigh very deftly handled them and made sure our reception went off without a hitch. She was also constantly providing us with ideas about how to make our ceremony personal and unique. And she not only took care of all the big things, she made sure every little detail was perfect as well. I cannot imagine having had such a wonderful wedding without her, and everyone who worked with her agreed that she was professional, knowledgeable, and also a joyful person to be around. Thank you so much Leigh and Chic Weddings. We literally could not have done this without you.

Leigh Frigm was our day of coordinator for my wedding in D.C. and my wedding was better then anything I could have imagined Both my parents and I live in different states (NC, OH respectively) and we never thought that this process would be easy. But that was before we contacted Leigh. Leigh is absolutely amazing. She is so efficient and responsive, it will put all your other vendors to shame. I am so thankful that we had Leigh to help us, it meant the world. If you are having a wedding in the DC area then you need to contact Chic Weddings & Events... you will not be disappointed!!!!!

Leigh did a fantastic job with our wedding! From day one, she was so friendly and personable and offered to help in any way possible. As we got closer to the wedding, she took over communication with our vendors, pointed out anything we could have overlooked, and was super attentive to details. We were surprised to find out that she had an entire team to help us on our wedding day! Leigh, Sandy, and Ella took care of everything so perfectly! The reception decor and setup looked amazing! Sandy even had a plate full of appetizers for myself and the bridesmaids as we were freshening up in the hotel room after the ceremony! Leigh snapped polaroid photos of our guest and captured memories that otherwise may have not been recorded. The quality of service we received from Chic Wedding & Events was beyond expectations and we could not have asked for more, y'all were fantastic! I would recommend them to anyone looking for a coordinator.

We chose Leigh as our day-of wedding planner and it was one of the best decisions that we have ever made. She was extremely responsive to emails and phone calls. I truly had nothing to worry about on my daughter's wedding day except for relaxing and enjoying the moment! Her vendor recommendations were spot on and she is very organized and efficient! Leigh is cool-headed under pressure and extremely professional. I loved working with Leigh and will definitely use her in the future for baby showers.

I was married in November 2014 and Leigh Frigm was my wedding coordinator; from our first meeting I just felt like she got me and the vision I had for my wedding. We choose the day of coordinating package, which if I was to give any advice to a future bride is to have someone like this to take over for the Big Day! Leigh made sure everything went smoothly for the 3 months before as well. I was married at Ft. Myers with reception on Ft. McNair, so there were tons of logistical elements to be seen because both are military bases. Leigh made sure everyone was kept in the loop and was super prompt with follow ups. Her professionalism and classic style really aligned with the over all look I was going for and she gave great examples of what has worked and not worked in previous weddings. The day of she had a team that were there to set up the venue, keep everyone on schedule, and prompt each necessary part of the evening (i.e. toasts, cake cutting, dances). I literally can't praise Chic Wedding Events & Leigh enough! I had a beautiful Washington, DC wedding and she made sure myself, husband, bridal party, family, and guest had a spectacular evening!!

I cannot begin to say enough wonderful things about Leigh (and her partner Sandy)! As the bride, my attention to detail and vision for my big day were very incredibly important and Leigh was able to meet or exceed our very high standards throughout the entire process. Leigh was incredibly timely, professional, fun, and had great ideas -- working with her was a complete joy. Leigh's ability to coordinate all of the vendors and every last detail was a huge relief to me, and she made our wedding day seamless and enjoyable. If there were any problems and issues on the big day, Leigh handled those effortlessly, and met my needs without causing me any worries or stress -- a skill that is truly priceless! I felt 110% confident that Leigh would execute our vision and boy was I right -- she did a phenomenal job. I have been to several weddings/events where the planner made a huge difference in the success of the overall outcome and flow of the wedding - and without a doubt I would recommend Leigh to execute this flawlessly for your event! I will always have such wonderful memories of the big day, due in large part to Leigh and her excellent work, she really does go above and beyond for her clients and for this type A, detail oriented bride 🙂 , Leigh was the perfect fit, and did an amazing job! 

Sandy and her team were so helpful, especially with transportation vendors for our guests. Her recommendations were spot on. She oversaw every logistical detail and allowed us to enjoy our daughter's wedding day, knowing everything would be just as the bride and groom wanted it. She was professional, personable, experienced and thorough. Reasonably priced for the services provided. Heartily recommend! She was a joy to work with.

Chic Wedding and Events did an exceptional job bringing our wedding to fruition. They provided a great timeline from start to finish and if there were major problems on the day of the wedding, my wife and I did not hear about them. Our guests enjoyed everything.

We worked with Leigh from Chic weddings who helped us put together our dream wedding. She was very attentive to our expectations for the day, and did not disappoint! The day of planning provided by Leigh and Sandy was perfect, and helped everything move along (there were even some hiccups we learned of after the fact that we were completely unaware of!). They also helped us locate and negotiate a contract for our hotel block. We would highly recommend their services, and honestly don't think our wedding would have been what it was without them. Thank you!

We hired Sandy Yi-Davis to help us find a hotel venue, since her background supports her expertise in that area. She worked tirelessly for us, negotiating a great contract with many concessions and upgrades we would never have even known to ask for. It took longer than we expected since the groom and I live far from the area, but Sandy took it all in stride and went well above and beyond for us. Couldn't recommend her enough, she was fantastic! 

Thank you Leigh with Chic Weddings & Events! You really made our wedding PERFECT! As the groom, I stay out of the details. My wife who is a true Type A person can really drive everyone crazy! But Leigh was in all the details and helped make sure that everything my wife wanted came true. Our wedding was stress free, lots of fun and the best EVER! Leigh helped personalized our wedding and set up the entire event with her team for us. I know that my Wife trusted that Leigh will make sure everything was exactly what we wanted. You are the BEST!!